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Tenders South Africa

Welcome to Tenders South Africa and here we are going to be featuring all the latest development in the Tender field in South Africa.

We are going to be exploring how to tender, as well as all the various documents you will need to apply for tender.

There are various documents that are required to be handed in with a tender and we are going to outline these below, to make it easier for you to know exactly what you will need to present with your application.

We are able to assist you with various of the documents you will need, so be sure to contact us with any requirements you might have.

Some of the documents required to be handed in with a tender are as follows:

  1. Tax Clearance Certificate - Here you will need to hand in an original valid certificate from SARS.
  2. BEE Certificate - Since the new rules came into effect, any EME or QSE only need to hand in an affidavit stating their annual turnover. For EME's these apply up to R10 million and for QSE's these apply from R10 million to R50 million.
  3. Company Registration documents
  4. Certified Copies of ID's of directors
  5. Certified copies of the shareholding certificates
  6. Last 3 years of audited financial statements.
There are some more documents that are required and we will be examining these in closer detail in the coming weeks. We at Tenders South Africa are here to help you, so if you do need any of the above documentation, now that we are able to assist you.

There are various types of tenders that are available from municipality tenders, eskom tenders, cleaning tenders etc. and come from a variety of departments that can include for example Public works, National treasury etc. The areas of the various tenders are also clearly defined and they are structured according to province, thus Gauteng, Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal, North West, Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Mpumalanga and Free State.

Tenders South Africa is managed by a registered tax practitioner with practise numbers with the Institute of accounting and commerce (IAC), The South Africa Institute of tax professionals (SAIT) and South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Tenders South Africa

More Information: How to Tender?

The question of how to tender have be posted to us quite a few times and that is why we decided to tell our loyal readers more about theTenders process in South Africa.

To first step is to become aware of what tenders are currently available in the market and specifically in your area of operation. The best way to find the latest tender is to use theTenders bulletin posted by the government.


More Information: Tender Bulletin

We have had allot of questions recently specifically related to theTenders bulletin and that is why we are going to be explaining more about theTenders bulletin in detail.

There you will not only find the latest tender bulletin, but also previous posting from the last month or so. The documents are posted in PDF form, so you will just need an Adobe Acrobat reader to view the files. This is also software that is available free of charge, that you able to find online.


LATEST NEWS: CSD Registration

The new Consumers supplier database or CSD in short has been implemented by the government to ease the process of tenders and documentation. Once you have done your CSD registration online, all relevant information of your business will be captured and available on this database.


More Information: CSD (Central Supplier Database)

The CSD (Central Supplier Database) is managed by the National Treasury and provides a detailed list of companies and individuals who are able to provide government with services.

The CSD has become such an important tool in the business market, that it is very important for a service supplier to register on the CSD and make sure that you are able to provide government with your specialised service.


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