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BEE Certificate / Affidavits

BEE Affidavit
If you are in need of a BEE Certificate or BEE Affidavit, we are able to assist you. Please note that from the 1 May 2015 the legislation changed, stating that the only requirement for an EME in the General Sector, is a sworn Affidavit and no longer a BEE certificate.

The various sectors have different requirements and no matter what your need will be, we will be able to assist you with a BEE Affidavit or BEE Certificate.

Tenders South Africa is managed by a registered tax practitioner with practise numbers with the Institute of accounting and commerce (IAC), The South Africa Institute of tax professionals (SAIT) and South African Revenue Services (SARS).

BEE Certificate / Affidavits

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