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Tender Bulletin

We have had allot of questions recently specifically related to theTenders bulletin and that is why we are going to be explaining more about the tender bulletin in detail. The bulletin is posted online on the government website weekly and you can view it freely by going to by www.gov.za/documents/tender

There you will not only find the latest tender bulletin, but also previous posting from the last month or so. The documents are posted in PDF form, so you will just need an Adobe Acrobat reader to view the files. This is also software that is available free of charge, that you able to find online.

Once you open up the document, you will all theTenders listings that are categorised according to industry, for example Medical, Building, Civil etc.

Once you find theTenders you are interested in, please read through the required documentation that is needed to be handed in and if you do need assistance, please contact us.

TheTenders bulletin provides companies with the opportunity to view tenders weekly and they are able to view the appropriateTenderss within their area and specialised field of service. We will ne following this website closely and will be providing you with all the latest updates and news related to theTenders bulletin.

Tenders South Africa is managed by a registered tax practitioner with practise numbers with the Institute of accounting and commerce (IAC), The South Africa Institute of tax professionals (SAIT) and South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Tender Bulletin

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